What is compelling graphic design?

Compelling graphic design is about creative storytelling. When combining fonts, colors, textures, elements, and more, you can invoke feelings or create a desired expression.

Looking to make a bigger impact on how your brand is perceived? An expert graphic designer understands how to combine various techniques in order to compel action. What this means for businesses is that you can create a lasting expression and build brand advocacy for potential customers.

Looking for support on a corporate rebrand or a new design project? Here’s a few pointers:

Graphic Design Tips:

Graphic Design Consistency

Having elements look and behave similarly is what consistency in design is all about.

It makes design work look presentable and communicates clearly – Consistency makes design work look professional and ensures that it communicates the true intent. People can become confused and compositions can appear cluttered if design components, sizes, and colours are not consistent.

Leverage Iconography

Iconography is a set of images or a system of images used by artists to convey symbolic meanings.

It not only makes your material more personal; it makes it easier to understand for your target audience. Moreover, using iconography in a meaningful fashion can substantially improve the appearance of your designs.

One caveat with iconography: make sure your icons share similar nuances, like edges, spacing, contrasts, and textures. Multiple icons that are incomparable delivers a sense of confusion and uncertainty to the reader.

Color Swatches & Palettes

Colors have the immeasurable power to inspire emotions, thoughts, feelings, and responses. Have you ever noticed a hue that instantly brought to mind a specific brand? Perhaps you’ve felt relaxed or energetic in a certain environment, or perhaps you’ve returned a present because the shade wasn’t quite right.

When selecting a palettes, a fantastic online tool, Coolors, provides you with an incomprehensibly long archive of various palettes , and also generates random ones innovatively.

Picking a set of colour palettes provides balance and consistency. Picking the right colour palettes bestow a sense of comfort and could possibly aid the spectator by reducing eye strain, especially from widely contrasted colours.

Font Family Consistency

Your fonts must play nicely.

Always make sure that your typefaces complement one other, and keep the amount of fonts used to a minimum.  Mix and match fonts  that come installed with the software you’re using, or download free fonts from reliable font websites.

Fonts can come packages in what’s called a font family. This is the same font but with subtle variations, such as font-weight and italizations, and serifs.

Google Fonts is a fantastic archive of popular webfonts, which also display appropriately in it’s browser. You can download these fonts to your pc, or leverage scripts to display these fonts when building your website.

Using a Brand Guideline

Hire someone for Brand Guideline Services.

Brand guidelines are rules that describe how your company should be portrayed to the public.  They assist firms in maintaining consistency and demonstrating who they are, what they do, and what they stand for.

Below is a list of some of the most common elements found in a Brand Guideline:

  • Mission, Vision, and Values Statement. Individuals and organizations hold values that demonstrate their commitment to honesty. They work as decision-making aids in everyday interactions, guiding conduct. A mission statement gives direction.
  • Logos & Layouts. Depending on the situation, most businesses have a few alternative logo versions. A few recommended practices for logo treatment, in addition to your brand assets, can help teams understand your brand’s communications legible and effective.
  • Color Palettes. As noted above, a colour palette is critical in ensuring consistency and minimizing high contrast wherever possible.
  • Selected Typefaces. For whatever fonts chosen to best represent, designers will have less guesswork if you lay out your type first, guaranteeing that all of your communications will seem uniform and clean.

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